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Weapon of the Masses’ anathematic lyricism takes you into an asylum of human psychosis. Mental Ill-ness redefined that will keep you intrigued with curiosity while entertained with heretical poetry that vividly illustrates the details of society’s darkest practices, complemented with pick-and-shovel beats which envelop the atmosphere to intensify the listener's experience.

Developed by seasoned Artists, Traviller, Edword, Ewokalypse, DJ Snagneto, Black Xmass, and Dialecture, the Weapon of the Masses has held a landmark position in Los Angeles’ underground Hip-hop scene for over 10 years with a rooted reach that spans from East Los Angeles to the Inland Empire. 

Their original project titled, The Hidden Variable, was originally released in 2008. In 2013, the Weapon of the Masses teamed up with the Creators of the Lost Arts, (C.O.L.A. Crew), and spearheaded the album, Capping on Lame Asses, which featured a collective union of Hip-hop Artists from San Gabriel Valley, as well as the latest Weapon of the Masses member, Argue. Soon after, Traviller released his solo album titled, Traviller, Traveling, Treachery.


Weapon of the Masses' latest project titled, Failure is an Orphan, is scheduled for release in summer of 2019.

-(P) 2019 C.O.L.A. Crew