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Caliginous content and treacherous beat production that invokes an Aleisterian atmosphere for listeners. 

Inspired by early 90s Hip-hop, Traviller began his music career in 2004 as a member of the group called Deadly Literature, which he later separated from due to personal differences. In 2006 while working as a solo artist, Traviller met and teamed up with fellow beat producer and lyricist Edword. Together they eventually formed the Hip-hop group; Weapon of the Masses, producing a multitude of tracks featuring various artists, a few which are now available on all major digital platforms, as well as CD.

 In 2012, Traviller along with Weapon of the Masses teamed up with the independent label Creators of the Lost Arts, aka C.O.L.A. Crew. 

 In 2013, under one of his noms de plume Travisty, along with Fresh Raheem of Poetik Prophets, spearheaded and produced the album titled Capping on Lame Asses, which featured various artists under the C.O.L.A. label.

 In 2017, Traviller produced and released his solo album titled; Traviller, Traveling, Treachery, which is now available on CD, streaming and download. 

 Shortly after releasing his solo album, Traviller started experiencing medical difficulties that left him partially paralyzed and temporarily blind. Unbeknownst to him and his family he was suffering from an auto-immune disease called Ankylosing Spondylitis, which causes hyper-inflammation of the joints, leading to excruciating pain, blindness, heart and lung complications which can cause death, and possible bone fusion if left untreated. 

 Showing that there’s nothing he can’t triumph over, Traviller was able to teach himself how to walk again and regained a majority of his eyesight back. He continues to write and produce music with a few up-and-coming projects currently underway showing no plans on stopping anytime soon.