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Traviller - Traveling - Treachery - CD

 An agnostic arrangement of treacherous boom-bap beat production and nefarious lyrical wordplay. *Contains original mixes that were banned from streaming!

© Copyright - Weapon of the Masses / C.O.L.A. Crew (194171170577)

Weapon of the Masses - B-Sides - CD

 An asylum of declassified B-Side tracks released to the public on a technicality. Ten original tracks orchestrated to "Weaponize the Masses" with prolific beat production and unorthodox rhyme delivery. 

© Copyright - Weapon of the Masses / C.O.L.A. Crew (193428888821)

Destination Headphones - CD

 A flavorful arrangement of some time-honored Hip-hop. Thirteen B-Boy beats accompanied with seasoned lyricism that'll have your ears hungry for more. 

© Copyright - Fresh Raheem / C.O.L.A. Crew (193428864368)

Capping on Lame Asses - CD

 C.O.L.A. Crew's Fifth Installment Featuring Weapon of the Masses (Debut with C.O.L.A.), Poetik Prophets, Malathion-"The Time God"/Chamber, DJ Relictore, DJ RAWZ-Ill Remedy.

© Copyright - Rime Fytahs / C.O.L.A. (191061738596)

Mindset - CD

 Quaesar (Rime Fytahs) & SKruf (Poetik Prophets) come together with some fresh styles, chops, skills, bars and lyricism on this one.

© Copyright - Quaesar / C.O.L.A. (191924089315)

Prescribed America - CD

 During the year-span of 6-13-12 to 10-26-2013 Quaesar worked as an Active Pharmaceutical Tech. for a Private Owned Pharm Company based in California. The intel acquired is expressed in this project. Listener Discretion is Advised.

© Copyright - Rime Fytahs / C.O.L.A. (191061461739)