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Though highly recluse and seldom seen, AMXONE has curated an original style and delivery that only a few have been able to match. His abstract artistry allows him to display a wide range of poetic versatility that can evoke multiple personas through his lyrical creativity.  

An original member of the Sea Serpents and Creators of the Lost Arts, AMXONE started making a name for himself in the late 90s with the Air Junkies, which included his partner in rhyme Embs (RIP), using the play on words to signify their existing asthmatic medical conditions.  

In 2000 AMXONE goes nationwide with the release of Sea Serpents Unfathomable, and soon after the Creators of the Lost Arts CD titled C.O.L.A. Clasixx. Later he followed up with his solo, The Colors You See While Faded. In 2003, he’s featured on the Rime Fytahs album, To the Rescue with the instant hit classic “No Mercy Serve.” 

In the summer of 2004, while working with Haewhyer on his solo album, “The Drunken Master”, Haewhyer tragically lost his life in an auto accident. Devastated yet not defeated, AMXONE carries on and assists with the “The Drunken Master” CD release the following summer by providing his set of master recordings of the album. 

In 2015 AMXONE teams up with Blaq Tongue Society’s Vice the Anti Hero and release “Al Cohol & D. Rugs - Test Tube Junkies”, produced by Stranger Danger under Audio Crack Records. 

His current release titled, “The Crooked Toothed Bastard” produced by Stranger Danger of Audio Crack Records is currently available on all major digital platforms as well as CD which contains exclusive bonus tracks not available on digital release.